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Biodiesel 2014:
How EPA’s RVO, RIN QAP Rulings and Lapse of Federal Tax Credit May Affect RIN Prices, Production

Recorded: February 6, 2014 | 2:00 PM CST

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Ron Kotrba
Biodiesel Magazine
Ramon Benavides
Global Renewable Strategies and Consulting
Shashi Menon
Kristof Reiter
Reiter Scientific
Susan Olson

Many variables exist for U.S. biodiesel at the dawn of 2014. Will the EPA keep biomass-based diesel volumes for RFS at 1.28 billion gallons, as proposed? Now expired, will the federal biodiesel tax credit once again be reinstated? What will EPA’s final RIN Quality Assurance Plan ruling look like, and how will it affect an already shaky start to the New Year? Speakers will address how the U.S. biodiesel industry might be expected to fare under a variety of scenarios—including with or without a tax credit under several hypothetical RFS biomass-based diesel volume mandates in the confines of new RIN QAP regulations—and how these situations can be expected to affect RIN prices, production, imports and exports.